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California has long been known as the bread basket of the world.
Agriculture has been the backbone of this region, long before gold was discovered in the Golden State.
Let's work together to keep California farming!

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Water, water, everywhere, but not...In the Central Valley?

What is really going on here?

VAN JONES, SPECIAL ADVISER TO THE WHITE HOUSE COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: "We began to realize that we're really entering a third wave of environmentalism in the United States. The first wave is sort of the Teddy Roosevelt conservation era which had its day. And then in 1963 Rachel Carson writes the book "Silent Spring" and she's talking about toxics and the environment. That opens up a new wave. So it's no longer just about conservation. It's conservation plus regulation."

Will it be Fish or Famine?

This could be "The" most important issue for California Farmers Right Now.
Filmmaker, Jerad Bettencourt created this New Media documentary on the California Water Problem. He comes from a farm background, and now works in film and editing. We are pleased that Jerad is using his talent to tell a very important story. We asked Jerad to about his New Media film and why he chose the California Water Problem as the subject of his film.
"I still know my Dad and all of the fellow farmers need to rally up together. That is why me and a good friend of mine (also in farming) created this 6 minute documentary on the California Water Problem. I'd like you all to take 6 minutes of your time to watch it and maybe even check out the websites at the end of the movie!"
~ Jerad Bettencourt ~

There is a rally planed for Wednesday, July 1st in Fresno, Ca.
Learn more about the rally here at

Get a PDF of the rally flier
View a Google Map of the rally location
You can show your support for Valley Farmers by attending this rally. If you are not in the area please leave a support message on this Rally For Water. posted be Save the Endangered California Farmer Facebook group.

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